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> >> I took the description in GJATRQ as an example of teen rebellion. Sort
> of like Goth with major tattoos. It’s supposed to look disgusting.
> >
> > Um, why do you assume that goths want their tattoos to look disgusting?
> Maybe they thought their body ink look great.
> Some do, some don’t.   Some love the shock value and the identity issue.

If the tunnels/scars the worms make naturally are something like the
tunnels of, say, bark beetles in wood, they might look more interesting
than disgusting. This photo

<Pattern On Tree Trunk Log. Tunnels Of Bark Beetle Form Bizarre Pattern
Under Bark. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 149899034.

reminds me a bit of a section of wood-bored tree limb my late father used
to use to imprint the interesting patterns on wet clay for pottery.

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