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On Jan 15, 2022, at 12:34 PM, WalterStuartBushell <proto at panix.com> wrote:
> Miles say he had his life handed to him by a stranger several times.
> My most obvious example was after eating a salad in the company cafeteria, I took a walk and
> developed anaphylactic shock I went to the company’s medical facility where the doctor was out.
> But the nurse gave me a shot of adrenalin (epinephrine) even though she was not legally allowed to do so.
> And I survived.

I’m glad she decided regs could go out the window!

My belle-mère is anaphylactic-shock level allergic to salicylic acid & most other salicylates. Someone not medically-aware assured her that SalonPas patches had no aspirin, so Edna applied one. Within 5 minutes she started to have problems breathing. I happened to be listening in to her painting class, ran for antihistamine, & gave her two.

Do you know how many shampoos have salicylates in them? About two-thirds of the ones I looked through—not just dandruff shampoos—had them!

Obviously, I’m not a stranger. I’m glad the AH was enough at that stage. She’s less strongly allergic to lavender, but her throat starts closing up when she’s around it.

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