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Our Gwynne delightfully wonders, "Ok, here's the interesting question: it's become fashionable for teens to deliberately host a worm to make interesting designs on their bodies - how do they direct the worms into the patterns they want?"
Probably heat or cold near or on the skin.  Something as simple as an ice cube or a candle might do the trick, although I imagine they've figured out something more precise and sophisticated.

Micki: I'm going to put a lot of replies together. I think the scars probably were like bark tunnels (as Margaret mentioned) -- organically twisty and fascinating. Something some people would like to trace with a finger. Jerrie's got a great idea about hot and cold -- I was just reading how some people try to turn breech births with a pack of frozen peas on top and a heating pad on the bottom, so it certainly sounds like a good theory. 

I was imagining something more like light (you know how you can see light through the webbing of your fingers, or even through the edges of the fingers if it's strong enough?). Maybe just even prodding the worm along with a stick-pin. 

I'm sure the shock factor was appealing to some kids. Native-grown horrors! Look, I've got them! But to become a fad? Gross but interesting would certainly fill the bill in some eras. 


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