[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Mon, 03 Nov 2003 13:11:58 -0600

<The stout figure has resumed his academic robes as he comes 
onstage. The dogs attempt to follow, but stop at a viciously hissed 
command. Murphy lies down and gazes at him disconsolately; Ben 
goes back offstage. Behind the podium is a map of the northeastern 
United States. As the stout fellow begins, he gestures at the map with a 
wooden pointer.>

New Jersey sometimes seems the Rodney Dangerfield of the fifty 
states. In "1776", John Hancock asks, "Where is New Jersey?", and 
John Dickinson dryly responds, "Somewhere between New York and 
Pennsylvania." New Jersey styles itself the Garden State; the name 
seems self-mocking to those who know only of the northern part of the 

We on the list know better. New Jersey is the home state of Paula 
Gillis, and - more to today's point - also of Paige Kalika, who reaches 
the quarter-century mark today. Paige is an alumna of Cornell (another 
much-calumnied locale) and a current student of medicine. Paige, may 
today bring you joy, and may your future hold patients, horses, and all 
the other components of your vision of the good life; may those who 
love you and those whom you love, those who need you and those 
whom you need, all find their place with you; and may we all still be 
around to celebrate your *next* quarter-century.

<As the stout fellow steps down from the podium, Ben prances up, 
clutching a tennis ball. He takes the ball and tosses it offstage; both 
dogs scramble after it, and he follows more sedately.>