[LMB] OT: Free February Webscriptions

Corrina Lavitt corrinal at cox.net
Mon, 3 Nov 2003 14:33:43 -0500

> >Is this a reissue or did someone find some great lost Darcy stories.....
> >
> >Corrina
> >who cherishes the three Lord Darcy books.
> >
> As Scott said, it's a reissue.  If you have the three
> books there are two short stories you don't have--they
> are included in this omnibus.

Darcy stories I don't have?? And I have to wait until February like for
"Winterfair Gifts?"


> The earlier SFBC collection of the same name did *not*
> include them, so if you see an older hardback, it's probably
> not complete.

No, I have the three paperbacks: the two collections and the one novel.
These would be stories not in those either?