[LMB] OT: Free February Webscriptions

Martin Bonham mjdb at internet.co.nz
Wed, 05 Nov 2003 11:13:14 +1300

In the conversation in digest 2982 
Elly Jeurissen from the Netherlands IIRC, wrote
> This Darcy book was also published in July 2002, by Baen. That collection
> has these two stories. I just checked the Feb 2004 webscription, and it says
> that this book was first published in july 2002, so this is a reprint. 

If you don't mind me attempting to be pedantic about English 
usage (and I can't write in any other language, so it isn't 
really fair to do so), I think that "reprint" is a sub optimal 
word choice.
I would say that it is NOT a reprint, but a printing in a 
different format. 
To me 'reprint' implies another print run in the same format at 

That is, Fiction publishers generally print dead tree books in 
three different formats/ price ranges, (1) Hardcover, (2) Trade 
paper, and (3) mass market Paperback.

Baen's normal practice is that all books first published as 
formats (1) or (2) , are also printed in format (3) after an 
interval of 12 to 18 months.

As Elly notes above, Baen's recent edition of _Lord Darcy_ by 
Randall Garrett, edited by Eric Flint & Guy Gordon, was 
published in large format paperback (trade paper) in July 2002 
at cover price of US$18.00  (A typical price for their books in 
this format)
The mass market paperback is scheduled for February 2004 at the 
standard cover price of US$7.99

So, Corrina, as others up thread have indicated - you can order 
the Trade paper edition from a bookshop, or buy the single eBook 
from Baen for US$5, or wait for the paperback.  


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