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> Paula Liebermann explained:
>"Back in those days I was affluent enough that the price of
>> buying a paperback by an author whose work I turned out
>> not to like, was less of an "expense" than the screening time
>> in the bookstore would have been, are regards cost/benefit.
>> I used to have a "three strikes and you're out" approach, of
>> being willing to give an author three tries before deciding, "not
>> going  to bother buying anything by this writer again.""
> That's what public libraries are for - give a new author a trial without
> laying out hard-earned money.  Then if you like it you can buy the book
> keeps,

There are hundreds of SF and fantasy novels being published in a year,
though, and libraries have limited budgets.  Also, once something goes off
the shelves of bookstores, good luck ever finding a copy to buy [or perhaps
even read....].

There are time./money tradeoffs. When I was working 40+ hours per week at
affluent wages back in the 1980s, the time was more expensive than the
money.  And when I was working 60+ hour weeks... .but after being back
unemployed for months....

Also, there were some books that didn't -stay- unreadable.   I could -not-
get through _Downbelow Station_ when it came out, or _Cyteen_.  I went back
to Downbelow Station after reading Merchanter's Luck, however, and sailed
through it.  Likewise, Cyteen became a lot more accessible for me when I'd
read a bunch of other books in the series and was looking for the setting
and events and not so much for the story contained -within- the book's
covers alone.

> and eventually start buying his/her new book sight-unseen.  In hard-back,
> it's someone like LMB (although I'll admit to downgrading to paperback for
> Chalion books, though perhaps that's just the difference between being a
> wage-earner and a pensioner.)
> On the few occasions I have been tempted by cover art and blurb and a
> glance at the text I have usually regretted the waste of money.  Not that

Those I usually screen out, writing style/tone  is extremely important to
me, and writing style/tone tends to be consistent within a book -- authors
tend to have particular voices they use, and there are certain voices I'm
highly allergic to.  A random paragraph tends to be representative of the
tone/voice/style the author uses throught a book.

> book was necessarily bad, just that I wouldn't want to keep it for
> re-reads.

Ah, you don;t have the soul of a Hoarder, I see!

I wonder which of the Chalionese gods looks over book hoarders....