[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Wed, 05 Nov 2003 06:56:14 -0600

<The stage is almost bare. A banner hangs on the back wall; it reads, 
"DEBRA FRAN BAKER, Nov. 5, 1963". At center stage is a table. The 
stout fellow enters from the left side; he is followed by Ben, who is 
carrying a small Tupperware dish in his mouth, and by Murphy, who 
plods along, burdened by a bulky pannier. When they reach center 
stage, Ben sits and Murphy lies down.>

Debra, though you have been quiet for some time, you are 
remembered. Thank you for your wisdom; thank you for your patience; 
and thank you for reminding us that fiction is fiction, though it flow from 
the pen of an Aleichem or a Potok. Accept from us these tokens of our 
esteem. <He takes the dish from Ben, not without difficulty, opens it, 
and places it on the table.> A handful of peppercorns. <He lifts the 
pannier from Murphy's back, hoists it onto the table, and unzips it. 
Murphy is visibly relieved.> And a basket of melons.

May the coming year be blessed. May you find time, again, to immerse 
yourself in the wisdom of the fathers; and may you find time, again, for 

Happy birthday, Debra.

<Murphy is up on his hind legs, sniffing at the melons. The stout fellow 
takes him by the collar and leads him reluctantly away. Ben frisks in 
their wake.>