[LMB] OT: Speaking of Archaic Geekitude

Tracy MacShane Tracy.MacShane at vuw.ac.nz
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 19:50:15 +1300

Well, I'm glad I can provide some entertainment to your boss, Kay! ;-)

Oh, yes, copying and pasting text from an existing doc into either of
the two programs I mentioned will be fine. You may need to reapply
formatting, but it's easy enough to do using standard keystrokes (eg.
CTRL-B to make text strong/bold etc). Quite often this shouldn't be
necessary, athough I found that sometimes extra <br>s will be put in at
the end of a paragraph in Dreamweaver (so the code becomes
<p>....<br></p>), but it's not consistent. GoLive may well have its own
quirks in that respect

Graphics are another matter. I've found that Dreamweaver will very
happily accept pics pasted from a Word (software of the devil) doc, it
just dumps the images into the root folder of your site (where it's easy
to move them to another location without ruining the linking). I'm
afraid I have no idea what happens when using Golive or WP.

However, when pasting from documents, there is a huge caveat where
images are concerned. Quite often, in word-processing, proprietary
formats are used that will not be handled by a web browser, and will be
too large, in any case. If your images are not JPEG, GIF or PNG, the
safest thing by far is to create the images in those formats and then
drag'n'drop them into your HTML page when you've pasted the text from
your original document. Both Dreamweaver and GoLive allow this method of
adding images to your pages.

Experimentation is always fun with these things...