[LMB] Hurrah for PTerry! OT:

Peter H. Granzeau pgranzeau at cox.net
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 09:47:25 -0500

At 02:23 11/06/2003, Dan Tilque wrote:
>Nicholas Rosen wrote:
> > Then a local bookstore had a big Discworld display,
> > and I began at the beginning.  Maybe Pratchett has
> > gone downhill over the years, or maybe his books
> > are best read in order, but anyway, I've devoured
> > _The Color of Magic_, and I'm partway through
> > _The Light Fantastic_.
>The general consensus on rasfw is that those early books aren't
>as good as the later ones. I more or less agree with that, but I
>also started with _Colour_ and thought the first ones were quite
>good. In fact, as far as comedy goes, the Rincewind books are
>among the funniest he's written. And the Luggage is one of my
>all-time favorite characters.
>The problem with comedy is that after you've read the books once,
>the jokes aren't nearly as funny the second time around. The
>later books have more meat to go with the jokes and puns.
>But it's great you're reading Pratchett, no matter how you got
>into them. Personally, my favorite Discworld books are _Wyrd
>Sisters_ and _Pyramids_ and both of those were somewhat early
>books (he's now written about 30 of them).

I don't believe I have ever read _Colour_.  I get very irritated with 
Rincewind (in fact, with the entire Unseen University--or whatever it's 
called--except maybe for the Librarian).  I have read most everything 
since.  I think Pratchett must like Vimes a lot, as he has used him so many 

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