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Thu, 6 Nov 2003 18:44:43 +0100 (CET)

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> Then a local bookstore had a big Discworld display,
> and I began at the beginning.  Maybe Pratchett has
> gone downhill over the years, 

Funny, I think he's gone substantially _uphill_ over the

> or maybe his books
> are best read in order, but anyway, I've devoured
> _The Color of Magic_, and I'm partway through
> _The Light Fantastic_.

It's true, it's easier to understand the characters if you
read each set in order.  The Rincewind books are among my
least favorite, I have to say, but then the series started
with Rincewind in the Colour of Magic, so perhaps I'm
prejudiced by my anti-preference for the earlier books. 
OTOH, the early witch books are great, esp Wyrd Sisters.  I
guess I just prefer Shakespearean satire over fantasy
adventure satire.  (The C of M was written to specifically
make fun of stuff like Conan, et al.)

> This stuff is good!

Yes!  It is!  Glad you found some you can enjoy.

Joy Lanterman

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