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> I don't believe I have ever read _Colour_.  I get very
> irritated with  
> Rincewind (in fact, with the entire Unseen University--or
> whatever it's 
> called--except maybe for the Librarian).  

I generally agree with you about Rincewind, but I have to
add that Interesting Times is one of the funniest things in
the series, and Rincewind makes a better showing here.

The UU books are not at the top of my list, but I
appreciate the humour a lot more now that I am married to a
university professor.  He loves the portrayal of the UU
faculty, and the grad students in the High Energy Magic

> I have read
> most everything 
> since.  I think Pratchett must like Vimes a lot, as he
> has used him so many 
> times.

Vimes is one of my favorite characters; I love the way he's
developped from a hopeless drunk to a -- well, can't give
that away if Nick hasn't read the later books.  :-)  But
he's come a long way (er, Vimes, not Nick).  I especially
like the way he sees things clearly, right through the fog
of bullsh*t that afflicts most of the other characters.  He
really shines at this in Jingo and The Fifth Elephant.

Joy Lanterman

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