[LMB] Orycon

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Sat, 08 Nov 2003 22:05:50 +0100

On 8 Nov 2003 at 1:54, Marna Nightingale wrote:

> Paula Lieberman wrote:
> > 
> > That goes
> > doubly for backrubs and such.... and one never knows when the other
> > person had a backache or sore rib or some such and getting touched
> > in the wrong place is physically painful...

OH, yes. I can add myself to the list of those you should not 
backslap or give a friendly pat on the shoulders. All unexpected 
shocks/movements are headache triggers for me. If I know 
someone is going to jump on my neck I can mostly handle it, but if 
someone sneaks up on me and puts a hand on my shoulder 
chances are you are making me very unhappy. 
Crowded surroundings are an other difficult thing for me. The con-
thing sounds lots of fun, but very very taxing for me. In the Glasgow 
threath I saw there is one coming to Scotland. Does anyone know of 
more European one's, or is it mainly an US thing?

Rowena, who would need 2 weeks bedrest after the type of event 
she envisions a con to be, but who would like to try it out.