[LMB] Haute/Haut magazines

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Sun, 09 Nov 2003 01:20:38 +0100

On 7 Nov 2003 at 20:55, ginnilee p berger wrote:

> What do our Newsstands need to make them a better place to browse? I
> truly want every single opinion you can throw at me (no, Pilot, no
> rotten fruit, no matter how much fun it is to eat).

removing all magazines you are not going to have an interest in. 
Putting some magazines there that you didn't know about but that 
are interesting to look at. (no contradiction between 1 and 2 

What is your newsstand like? Is it a regular shop or somekind of 
outdoorsy thing? Personaly I don't buy magazines (can't afford 
them, rather use money foor books), but if I would I'd go to 
boekhandel Atheneum, at the Spui in Amsterdam. They have a 
great collection, with lots of self-published ones aswell. Plus, it is a 
regular (and well sorted, though no SF) bookstore.