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Tracy MacShane Tracy.MacShane at vuw.ac.nz
Sun, 9 Nov 2003 21:03:32 +1300

53.65 - 30% for "yuppieness". Goddam, I hated yuppies and their works, being a pinko lessie granola peacenik goth-sympathiser (couldn't carry it off myself) - how little things change. So, about 75 in real money - I seem to have known all the obscure ones worth 4 points,  and none of the guitar-boy ones (whitesnake, motley crue) or the super-poppy ones (Rio? Africa?). I missed U2, how embarrassing (although I wasn't allowed to buy their albums, that's my excuse)
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How well do you know your '80s music??  I got a 95.  Lost some
points to silliness, like typos and misspellings.  (Stupid
Michael Jackson.  <mutters>)  Have fun!!