[LMB] OT: Fun link of the day!

James Burbidge jamesandmary.burbidge at sympatico.ca
09 Nov 2003 16:06:47 -0500

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 21:48, Alexandra Y. Kwan wrote:
> Hello,
> >Amy Sikes sent this interesting link:
> > > http://www.yetanotherdot.com/asp/80s.html
> I'm so sad; I "grew up to this" and only have a 17.5. And that's after 5 
> points bonus for telling where I got this from. My only excuse is that I 
> wasn't in the States during the 80s...


And every point I got was a guess based on a common phrase (such as
"walking on air").