[LMB] Camp Followers

Pouncer at aol.com Pouncer at aol.com
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:39:21 EST

>> camp followers (enlisted as
>> emergency attendants for Ista) in Chalion? I didn't

>In medieval armies, they were the cooks, nurses, laudresses, 
>seamstresses and mistresses to the army. 

You're this close (holds up thumb and forefinger a hair's breadth apart)
to getting the "standard history of the 'PX'  " . essay.   But I restrain 

Might want to look up the term "sutler".  Also an anecdote about
a particular group of followers "assigned" to an officer named "Hooker".
(The latter's businesses are NOT among those offered by the modern PX,
BX or Naval Exchange ... even though the term "exchange services"   
DOES rather echo the activity ..

 I pass on news that the ninth-biggest (by sales) Burger King operation in
the entire world is now in Bahgdad air port.  It opened in April this year. 
camp followers follow _closely_ , as ever.