[LMB] Haute/Haut magazines

Danielle N. Hart d_reykova at juno.com
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 19:17:56 GMT

>> It's a Newsstand inside our Barnes & Noble store. I have three
freestanding fixtures that are double-sided that are a pain in the neck
to use because they're not divided between topics. I have over 2,000
titles to manage, and work with 4 vendors and an analyst at Corporate, to keep my titles and draws managed. >>

 This may be above you, or your store may sell them elsewhere in the store, but...

 if you are going to have magazines depicting females in various states of undress, kindly have magazines depicting *males* in various states of undress.

 Maybe it's because I'm in Texas, I don't know.  But it drives me to no end to walk into a store, see Maxim/FHM/Stuff on up to the 50 different varieties of Playboy and other magazines of its sort - and not one issue of Playgirl.  


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