[LMB] Orycon

Alexandra Y. Kwan litalex at slashyalex.com
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 22:26:26 -0800


At 19:40 11/10/2003, Nora Bombay wrote:
>I solve the problem myself in the opposite way. I don't like being 
>touched. I pretty much only hug people I know very very well, and then 
>only in greeting, or more likely, long term departure.  Otherwise, I'm 
>pretty much not going to touch you unless it's pretty much already 
>determined that we are going to wind up in bed.

Well, I don't know... I've been told that I give off a "Don't touch me!" 
vibe, though I don't mean to exactly.

I do hate it when fake people hug me (i.e. we both know that we hate each 
other and are only being civil -- same reason that I hate being called 
"sweetheart," "hun," or some such by someone with whom I only have had a 
five minute interaction). I tolerate it when it's with acquaintances, and 
am definitely happy when it's a friend. In fact, I'm usually all over you 
if you're good enough friends with me (i.e. head on your shoulder, arm 
around you, etc., though only if you're a gay boy -- one of my gay male 
friends always jokes that he's pretending to be hetero for the day while 
hanging out with me 'cause I'm so touchy-feely around him, my response is 
that he needs to find a girl who actually looks like a girl-girl for him to 
achieve that).

I guess it depends on the cultural setting -- straight Chinese girls and 
gay boys, in my experience, are quite physically affectionate. I haven't 
hanged out with enough straight guys or lesbians to really know...

little Alex