[LMB] ingredients of truffles for those with allergies (was: Orycon) OT:

Rowena morgaine at zonnet.nl
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 21:58:11 +0100

On 11 Nov 2003 at 15:32, Paula Lieberman wrote:

> There are at least East Coast filkers who are truffle makers, one 
> them has used ingredients which include hot pepper at times.  I 
> remember if it was habanero or jalapeno truffles that were one of 
> varies he brought to Arisia last year....

and? how was it? 
I was thinking of using ground pepper. I've used a tad of pepper in 
spicy brownies (with cloves, cinnemon, ketoembar (=ground 
korianderseeds)  and kardemom) and I've had pepper/chocolate 
truffles. They were very scrumptious, (not home made but from a 
small bonbon shop with an excellent assortment)

> Different people have some very different allergies -- vanilla,
> varying types of nuts -- the most common are walnuts/pecans, 
> people are allergic to essentially all nuts, some only to one variety

I would certainly make sure to know if any stuff I make contains nuts 
since I know this is a major allergy issue for some people. But it is 
practically impossible to make something you can make sure no one 
is allergic to. 

> Cilantro is a flavoring that some people like, and some think taste
> like soap! 

I have no idea how it goes with chocolate. I am self very fond of it 
and make a very spicy and overpowering cillantro-chutney wich 
would certainly be horrendous for anyone having negative reactions 
to the taste of cillantro. 

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