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Wed, 12 Nov 2003 01:37:36 +0100 (CET)

 --- "Padget, Scott R" <scott.r.padget at boeing.com> a
icrit : 

> If I may share a counter-rant?

<snip well-worded counter-rant on male socialization>

Oh, yes, yes, indeed.  All of that, with bells on.   "Boys,
hit people to show affection, it doesn't really hurt." 
"Girls, accept abuse as affection, it doesn't really hurt."
 Gods, what a world.  

In my case, they weren't hitting, but rather calling me the
most *apallng* things, things which I can't repeat on a
nice polite mailing list like this, and many things I
didn't even know the meaning of until much later (but could
always tell were appalling).  And when I complained, or,
heavens forbid, fought back, I got told, "oh, that means
they like you," as if that somehow made it _all right_, and
I should just accept it, or even somehow enjoy it.  And of
course I didn't, and couldn't, and kept fighting back,
which only singled me out as weirder.  

The hilarious thing is, I got this "tough fighter"
reputation, but I was really puny and klutzy and gangly,
and couldn't really _fight_ worth a d*mn.  I just got
p*ssed off and started flailing.  But I connected enough
times to get the reputation.

Oh, darn, now look.  Another rant.  Sorry, folks...told you
there as more where that came from...

> Pilot Padget--not wanting to start another gender war,
> really

Ah, heck, this isn't a gender war.  This is a war against
stupidity, which attacks both genders equally.

Joy Lanterman

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