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ginnilee p berger ginni.berger at juno.com
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 19:55:37 -0500

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:33:33 -0600 "Eric Oppen" <oppen at mycns.net> writes:
> Although I've been _tempted_ to swing at people who startled me, I've
> managed to restrain myself...and _most_ people are honestly sorry 
> when they see the response they get by startling me.  (I have a
"freezing  glare" that
> Miss Manners Her Ownself would not be ashamed to claim)  One reason 
I'm as
> adamant on this point as I am is that I have run into people who act 
> like startling (or un-welcomed teasing) is one of the Four Freedoms.  

I know exactly what you mean about people who startle you- I've had to
offer to kill 2 co-workers who thought it was *funny* to come up behind
me, put their hands on my back, and say "boo!" First, I gave them The
Glare, which I learned at Mom's knee, then I gave them verbal h*ll for
it, told them to never do it again, and I would let them live.  This is
not professional behavior when it's done around customers, and you DON'T
do that to someone who suffers from a chronic pain disease. Then I went
to management, as I am a supervisor and must report this kind of thing to
them, told them what happened, my response, and that it's taken care of,
but I thought they'd like to know they have immature children working in
the store. The only time I don't mind someone startling me is when I have
the hiccups, and then I know it's going to happen, just not when.

Lady Lavender of Teal