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> > I made me wonder what was in the chocolatebar I use as a base, so
> > I checked the ingredients list: cacaomass, sugar, cacaobutter,
> > cacaopowder, soylechtine and vanille aroma. I add cream and 
> butter
> > and more cocaopowder, plus stuff for taste (nuts or lemongrass or
> > coffee, I am going to try tyme and pepper next time. And  cillantro,
> > because a friend had the idea it would go well with chocolate.
> Different people have some very different allergies -- vanilla, 
> varying  types of nuts -- the most common are walnuts/pecans, some
> are allergic to essentially all nuts, some only to one variety --I had
> coworker whose nut allergy was solely macadamia while several of the 
> people I know who're allergic to walnuts and pecans have no problem
> almonds orhazelnuts or macadamias--, bell pepper, wheat and rye, etc.
> etc.  It sometimes surprises me how few allergic reactions there are in
> characters....

I am one of those allergic to all tree nuts, and have a niece who's
allergic to tree nuts & peanuts! I spend most of my time at the grocery
store reading ingredient lists, because I have SO many allerigies to
different foods. I can't eat coconut or any tropical fruit, either, but I
LOVE chocolate- esp. dark chocolate, which is what my grandfather gave me
as a child. I found out Trader Joe's has a 10lb. chocolate bar, and our
store manager is the biggest chocoholic I know, so a bunch of us from
work are going to give that to her for Christmas. We figure it'll last
her until New Year's, and may put a sign on it saying, "Holiday Stress
Kit" to which I'd add, "When Stress Occurs, Break and Eat." I'm tempted
to buy one for myself, even though I know that it's supposed to be for
baking with. 

I made some chocolate chip crunch cookies yesterday- I got the recipe
from Joanne Fluke's book, "The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murders- and took
them to work yesterday. These cookies have cornflakes in them, and you
press them down like peanut butter cookies, and they're really good. When
I took my break, after the Manager's Meeting, the container was almost
empty, so many co-workers missed out. 

Lady Lavender of Teal