[LMB] OT: Book related quizzes

House of Unruly Fish carosue at centurytel.net
Tue, 11 Nov 2003 22:42:01 -0700

Hi all!

Some of you who know your way around the chatty corners of the web may be 
aware of the popularity of Quizzes.  Indeed, there is a whole site, 
Quizilla.com, that lets ANYONE make up a quiz about ANYTHING.  Naturally, 
some do it better than others....

Basically, you select one that has an interesting premise, answer some odd 
personal questions, and then enjoy (or not) the result.  Often they come 
complete with self-referential HTML code for you to cut and paste into your 
journal, blog, website, what have you, so your friends can take the quiz too.

I have these posted two places for your viewing pleasure.  One is at 
LiveJournal.com, where you can find me as (what else?) neonnurse.

And by the way, how about a Live Journal role call of listees?  I have 
found a bunch of you, but I'm sure there are more lurking under the masses 
of feral roses.

I also have them at my more mundane blog, 

The first quiz is, Which Author's Fiction Are You?  In other words, who 
would be writing your life?  To my surprise, in my case it's Robert 
Heinlein.  Which is not all that bad, since it means I should live to a 
very ripe old age, have plenty of exciting adventures along the way, plus 
enjoy being in a group marriage which includes at least a few people more 
closely related to me than current law and custom allow.  That's a little 
weird, but if I'm the matriarch in charge, I can deal....

The other quiz is "What Stephen King Character Are You?"  I turned out to 
be Roland the Gunslinger.  (!) This both amused and pleased me.  In a 
strange but true co-incidence, UPS brought me a package from Amazon today, 
with what else but Wolves of the Calla, the LONG-awaited fifth book in this 

Susan the Neon Nurse, who knows what she will be doing tomorrow!

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