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Wed, 12 Nov 2003 02:45:23 -0500

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From: "Nora Bombay" <nbombay at mindspring.com>

> >Andrew Barton wrote:
> >Humph.  What makes you think filkers are more or less extreme than any
> >other fannish group?  We turn up everywhere.  Even on this list.
> I don't think of them being any more extreme than any fanish group. I'm
> just carefully trying to build up a list of irrational prejudices.
> Filk singing became one of them.
> I'm tonedeaf, so you know, it's not on my list of things to do...
> And I was actually thinking of a specific group of filk singers, usually
> found asleep under the stairs at Balticon.
> Elizabeth, irriational prejudice day.

The big old Boskones there were [Seth Breidbart definition]

"drobes -- short for wardrobe because they have none, they wear the same
clothing the entire convention, and sleep in the film room"   [that was back
when there was 24 hour films].   Note that it wasn't filkers who were the
Infamous Unwashed at that convention.

By the way, I think you might be more outnumbered by filkers than you
realize....  and some of us write lyrics and -spread- them around!