Minions. Was Re: [LMB] Orycon

Rowena morgaine at
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 09:49:13 +0100

> >Robert Parks wrote:
> >Well, sure, if you are that sort of person.  For the more retiring
> >among us, minions and lackeys are less of an advantage, first, 
> >are responsible for them, second, you have to treat them like 
> >and lackeys, which is a challenge all of its own.

I am not realy into minions or lackeys,
making nice foodstuff (or attempting to) is more meant as a bribe 
into liking me. (or less negatively phrased, as a contact-opener)

Cats may be green somewhere else, but the cats here don't care.
					Ursula Le Guin