[LMB] OT: Book related quizzes

Jo'Asia joasia at fandom.art.pl
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 10:56:50 +0100

My comconsole brought me this letter from House of Unruly Fish:

HoUF> The first quiz is, Which Author's Fiction Are You?  In other words, who
HoUF> would be writing your life?  To my surprise, in my case it's Robert 
HoUF> Heinlein.  Which is not all that bad, since it means I should live to a
HoUF> very ripe old age, have plenty of exciting adventures along the way, plus
HoUF> enjoy being in a group marriage which includes at least a few people more
HoUF> closely related to me than current law and custom allow.  That's a little
HoUF> weird, but if I'm the matriarch in charge, I can deal....

HoUF> The other quiz is "What Stephen King Character Are You?"  I turned out to
HoUF> be Roland the Gunslinger.  (!) This both amused and pleased me.  In a
HoUF> strange but true co-incidence, UPS brought me a package from Amazon today,
HoUF> with what else but Wolves of the Calla, the LONG-awaited fifth book in this
HoUF> series!

Somewhere there is a quiz "Which SF author are you?"

Gives amuzing results. Ken MacLeod tested himself and the answer was ...
*Ayn Rand*. 8)


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