[LMB] RE: OT: Book related quizzes

Luckabaugh, Joy H. (LNG-BET) Joy.Luckabaugh at lexisnexis.com
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 11:54:06 -0500

> The first quiz is, Which Author's Fiction Are You?  In other 
> words, who would be writing your life?  

Flannery O'Connor, apparently.  Which is odd, because of all the authors
I've read (English major, y'know), I've never read any of her work.  Perhaps
I shall have to read some, though. "Not much escapes your notice."
Considering I'm not really all that observant (the spousal unit says I'm
"dense" to hints and subtleties), I question the scientific accuracy of this
brief quiz. :-)

Joy Luckabaugh
Joy.Luckabaugh at LexisNexis.com