Personal Space (was Re: [LMB] Touching) possibly OT:

margali mtraber251 at
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:20:45 -0500

you were using an inanimate object to create a control zone. [the fact 
there was a kid in it is moot, though i am assuming there was a kid in it=)]

*if* the carriage was not there, she would have been crowding you again. 
people will back off from an inanimate object further than they will a 
person. dont ask me why, just something i noticed when babysitting 
various goddaughters. someone wil nestle to within 12 inches or so of a 
person standing in line, but stay 18 to 24 inches back from a carriage. 
people will also put the front of their cart/carriage about the same 18 
or so inches [unless it is a grocery cart, then they ram it up your bum...]
who once played with personal space in sociology class....*very* fun

Laura Gallagher wrote:

> When the time came to step forward in line, when the people in front of me 
> had moved forward, instead of pushing the carriage forward, I stepped in 
> front of it.  SHE then chose to step forward into OUR space.  She could 
> have waited.  She did not.  At least at that point she impacting a part of 
> our space that didn't have people in it at the moment.
> I did not push the stroller backwards at all.
> Laura