Personal Space (was Re: [LMB] Touching) possibly OT:

Laura Gallagher kelts at
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:36:02 -0600

>> When the time came to step forward in line, when the people in front of 
> had moved forward, instead of pushing the carriage forward, I stepped in
> front of it.  SHE then chose to step forward into OUR space.  She could
> have waited.  She did not.  At least at that point she impacting a part 
> our space that didn't have people in it at the moment.
> I did not push the stroller backwards at all.

>you were using an inanimate object to create a control zone.

Considering the other responses people have given to strangers crowding 
their touch zones - preferable to decking her, wasn't it?

> *if* the carriage was not there, she would have been crowding you again.
people will back off from an inanimate object further than they will a

She was crowding the stroller JUST as closely as she'd been crowding me. 
 She did not back off from it any farther than she had from me.  It just 
let ME get a little more breathing space.

I have not noticed people leaving any more space for inanimate objects. 
 But they can sometimes be used to create a buffer zone the size of the 
inanimate object.