[LMB] OT: Book related quizzes

Marna Nightingale marna at marna.ca
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 20:26:19 -0500

Azalais Malfoy wrote:

> I recall looking at the coverage of various protests and
> thinking, "I'd be even more annoyed with this if I agreed with
> those people, because they're making their cause look so
> barbarous..."

*sigh* When it comes to some of the D*ckh**d Orangutang Tactics squad,
I agree with you. 

That being said, I've looked at coverage of actions I've been in,
showing places where I was standing, during things that I recall being
present for, and thought 'seriously, did they go back with actors and
refilm that the next day?'

Without touching on the question behind said protests -- the coverage
needs to be read very critically, at best. 

> the socialists and the
> pacifists always complained that us libertarians weren't there
> for the right reasons and oughtn't show up in designer jeans and
> frilly shirts.  I never, ever, ever got that.

I sort of get it but don't share it. Hey, as long as you show up.  

Your basic point is sound, though; at bottom, I have that
Cordelia-like tendancy to regard any form of authority that emanates
from outside my own skin to be somewhere between a revocable contract
and a mass delusion.  I work hard to keep it from becoming