[LMB] Miles, Ekaterin and the Orb

Winter Wolfe winterwhitewolfe at yahoo.com
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 16:56:05 -0800 (PST)

There's a difference between thinking someone's perspective is 
important and engaging a sexual therapist. I just do not see Miles willing to share, 
under any circumstances. Think of the "mine, mine, mine" mindset he goes 
through even with Quinn. I attribute his thoughts about Bel in DI to maturity,
rather than a particular experience at the Orb.
---->I never got the impression that Miles and Ekaterin had played with anyone else at the Orb either, just enjoyed the ambiance and each other and whatever enhancements the Orb had to offer.  I agree that his regret at never having experimented with Bel had more to do with being more mature and laid back about the gender thing, and also just the genuine affection he feels for Bel as a person.  Throw in a dash of regret for not getting to be Naismith anymore, and I think he was simply waxing nostalgic.  
---->And I also wholeheartedly agree that Miles is way too possessive to share.  I think he might have been okay with Elli having other partners, because as Naismith he didn't carry the Vor mantle over his shoulders like a lead weight.  As Vorkosigan, he does.  And the idea of either himself or Ekaterin being with another, in violation of wedding vows (read:  oaths) would bother the Vor in him.  (As an aside, I always rather wondered what "dark fantasies" Ekaterin had to manufacture for herself with Tien, and how things are different with Miles.)

2. Ekaterin. She puzzles me. As much as I'd like to 'feel' her like the 
rest of the characters, she doesn't come alive for me. I'd follow just about 
the entire rest of the cast around for a day and be fascinated. 
But...eh....not Ekaterin. No, I'm not holding Miles out to dump her or anything. She 
just feels constructed rather than like a real character who jumps off the 
page, unlike everyone else in the Vorkosigan-verse. I wondered if anything 
else felt this way?
---->Well, you already know I do, Cory.  ;)   I might think that the constructed feeling was intentional if not for the fact that we were reading from Ekaterin's POV in Komarr and ACC, because Miles tends to view her as a trophy.  But even with having been in her head, she still feels more... unreal than the other characters.  Mixed from a recipe, rather than grown up organically.  Even Laisa, of whom we saw so little, seemed more warm-blooded and real than Ekaterin, and I got more warm-and-fuzzies from her and Gregor than I ever got between Miles and Ekaterin.  Miles himself asserted that couples need to have "play" between them, when he was thinking about Duv and Laisa together.  Miles certainly had plenty of play with Elli, but where is the sense of fun between him and Ekaterin?  They're so serious with one another, almost formal.  Of all the interrelationships between characters in these books, the one that is supposed to be THE most important to the central character just falls
 flat.  Why?

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