[LMB] Ekaterin - real or construct?

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Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:25:56 EST

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> what is it that makes Ekaterin real
> to you?  

Ekaterin becomes real as soon as we meet her, when she is trying to dance 
around her husband's irritation.   I have had moments like that -- have you? -- 
and she is real again wehn she has her virtual garden.  And doens't want anyone 
to see it, becuase they're going to laugh at her.  And she doesn't want to be 
laughed at anymore, so she doesn't show it to anyone.  And she doesn't want 
to bother/be bothered by anyone, so she wears clothes that blend in adn 
camoflogue her.   I've done all these things, have you?

Possibly the reason E feels constructed to you is becuase she in fact 
constructed herself around the pecularities of her husband, and as we later discover, 
around the casual nastiness of her brothers. "Be like stone, and they will 
grow tired of bothering you." 

Ahem.  Don't hate her for being stiff, she's just drawn that way, as Jesscia 
Rabbit might say.