[LMB] Re: Lois-Bujold digest, Vol 1 #3011 - 20 msgs

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Thu, 13 Nov 2003 21:02:33 EST

Laura Gallagher <kelts at earthlink.net>
>> I'm of the opinion that the difference between the Miles of "Labrynth" 
>> the Miles of _DI_  goes to his honeymoon trip to the Orb.
>Wow, what a fascinating thought.  I'm going to spend some time 
>thinking on that.  

I'd botched that message. The scene in "Labrynth" I'm think of is where
Miles asked Bel how he failed in being "Betan" and it reached out to
caress his cheek, at which Miles flinched.  "Reflexes..."  

Not the scene with Taura.

Megaera tells me

>  You cut your message off in mid-sentence and left me exceedingly
>>Miles would have done wh

I'm going to have to finish that lat