[LMB] Miles, Ekaterin and the Orb

K S bobkat98 at shaw.ca
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 18:45:18 -0800

> > Raising a point about _Diplomatic Immunity_ ...
> >
> > I'm of the opinion that the difference between the Miles of "Labrynth"
> > the Miles of _DI_  goes to his honeymoon trip to the Orb.
> >
> > I suspect that Miles never got around to a herm before he went
> > with Ekaterin.  But E's ... "issues" with having to fake it with
> > Tien, and the "violent" (or was it "dark"?) fantasies E had to
> > use  in order to force her body to respond as Tien expected
> > all had to be unlearned.   E, like Kareen, may have preferred
> > the viewpoint of a herm LPST.  E, too, like others in _ACC_,
> > VALUED the mixed-viewpoint, as available from Dono.
> There's a difference between thinking someone's perspective is important
> engaging a sexual therapist. I just do not see Miles willing to share,
> any circumstances. Think of the "mine, mine, mine" mindset he goes through
> even with Quinn. I attribute his thoughts about Bel in DI to maturity,
> rather than a particular experience at the Orb.

I also don't think Miles would share; he craves her obsessively.  I
attributed Miles feelings towards Bel as being the 'clearer' sight some
people develop when they're in a serious monogamous relationship and look at
others as 'oh well's.

> Miles, OTOH, always seemed to *want* in on the Vor system, perhaps because
> he wanted to belong so badly. I don't think Aral ever had that need to
> belong--rather he has a need to be a rebel--witness his youth with
> and even his need to insult the political officer, which led to the mutiny
> in "Shards." Aral is about defying and changing authority. Miles, despite
> his propensity to discard authority, is about trying to belong.

Aral rebelled because he belonged, Miles was an outsider, so he wanted to
fit in.  Added to that, Aral is a natural deviant (lol) to Vor society, he's
bisexual, a progressive thinker and intelligent enough to have been involved
in the old emperor's plots.  Miles isn't naturally deviant.  If it weren't
for his physical problems, his mind and rank would have attracted followers.

Also, Aral and Cordelia worked hard to change the Vor society, and many of
those changes were in effect by the time Miles is a late teen.  I don't
think that Miles would have worked so hard to fit into the old Vor society,
but gone off much earlier to permanently be Naismith.  Perhaps working for
the betans?  I just don't think he would have felt as tied to Barrayar if
his father hadn't been so intimately involved shaping a Vor that could come
to accept a mutant.  Miles just couldn't betray the man who had done so much
for him.

> And now a couple of questions:
> 1. Is DI named after the Warren Zevon song? I wondered, especially after
> Miles quotes another Zevon song "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," in the text of
> the book.

Um, warren zevon?  did a little googling, and found the lyrics to both
songs... certainly sounds appropriate.  Oh, and the song is titled The
Envoy, not DI.

> 2. Ekaterin. She puzzles me. As much as I'd like to 'feel' her like the
> of the characters, she doesn't come alive for me. I'd follow just about
> entire rest of the cast around for a day and be fascinated.
> Ekaterin. No, I'm not holding Miles out to dump her or anything. She just
> feels constructed rather than like a real character who jumps off the
> unlike everyone else in the Vorkosigan-verse. I wondered if anything else
> felt this way?
> Corrina

I love and adore Ekaterin.  Her quiet dignity with storms of useful rage
fascinate me, I'd love to be her.  She's just one of those characters I
resonate with.  As a Wallflower (can we form our own wallflower clique?
That way everyone can stand around, stare at the floor but still be
together!), I see so much of myself in her, I see the invisible person who
can become flamboyantly visible (Komarr) and then she blossoms (CC) into a
stronger, always visible person.  My only beef with DI was that her role in
the book was too secondary; she's a naturally supportive person, but it
would have been nice to see more from her perspective.  I rather imagine the
trip to cetagandan space was a lot more challenging and interesting than she
lets Miles believe.

Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me
to death.
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