[LMB] Re: Ekaterin

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Thu, 13 Nov 2003 22:26:24 EST

Corinna writes:
Ekaterin taking Nikki for treatment just after Daddy's dead. Now, I can
argue that one away by saying healing Nikki has been her goal, her dream,
her obsession for years. Of course, the first thing she'll do is drag him to
the nearest treatment center once the obstacle is removed. What I can't
argue away is that Nikki is so calm about it. "Oh, hey kid, you're dad's
dead and now you're got a bad illness and we're taking you to the hospital."
I don't care how calm Ekaterin is or how charming Miles is, Nikki isn't
going to be curious and slightly mellow about it, as presented. So, I can't
argue that part away.
M replies:

Remember, Tien's insurance through his employer paid for Nikki's treatment, 
which I gather was individually tailored and expensive.  This insurance would 
stop a certain time after Tien's death.  Ekaterin would have had no way to pay 
for the treatment unless she got it within whatever time frame was necessary.  
Somehow, I got the idea, although I don't know exactly where, that Tien's 
employer was responsible for Ekaterin and Nikki until they were returned to 
Barrayar (or refused to return).  However, it might be a specific length of time, 
as it is with most employee insurance--end of the month, end of the quarter, 
six weeks, whatever, and then you have to start paying the fees if you want it 
to continue.  And possibly Nikki was more accepting of the idea of illness 
because he had begun to wonder about some of his father's behavior?  Also, kids 
with a serious illness often take it more calmly than the adults involved.