[LMB] OT: airport security

NFedorka03 NFedorka03 at wmalumni.com
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 08:56:58 -0500

From: CFR621 at aol.com
>I have a titanium implant screws, which do *not* cause airport security to 
>beep, but I must have a "Search This Woman She Must Be A Dangerous Terrorist" 
>sign flashing over my head.

Same here. Of course, once they open my carry-on and find various books in Arabic (my latest travel project is working through sections of Ibn Sina / Avincenna in the original) it only gets more entertaining.

I once sat there waiting for my shoes while two gentlemen debated over whether I could be Arab or not...the one maintained that I was too fair, and who ever saw a red-headed person of Arab extraction, but the other's uncle had brough home a Syrian wife from WWII and she had the same coloring as me...


Nicola, who is mostly Ukranian anyway