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Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:55:07 -0600

>Some of us react out: some of us deal with the situation and react *in.*
>Anyone familiar with the Myers-Briggs typology? I myself am a react-in 
>after a fairly unpleasant work emergency one of the emoters turned to me and
>commented: "You really are a cold b*tch, aren't you?" whereas my (inward, of
>course) response was "If I hadn't take care of it at the time, YOU surely 

Last week a boy at dh's school fell through a window and slashed his artery 
open.  Blood everywhere and everyone else is running around like chickens 
with their heads cut off.  Dh reaches over, crushes the wound and holds it 
shut for 15 MINUTES until they got a tourniquet on it.  When he got home 
and told me about it I forgave him a lot of under-emoting on the spot.

>And as to Ekaterin not having a role in DI: I truly appreciated LMB's
>subtlety in having Ekaterin's most critical moments presented to Miles' 
>(and admiration): can you imagine the fortitude, determination and pure
>muleheadedness it takes to argue with antagonistic bureaucracies *and get 
>your way.*
>I can hardly imagine a more antagonistic bureaucracy than the Cetagandans as
>they were sliding into war with Barrayar. While Ekaterin's own husband is
>out/dying? Having myself argued, much less successfully, with the USAF 
>system (interfering with their Friday afternoon at 1500, merely on the 
>behalf of a
>patient who needed to get to definitive care in the Lower 48) as a possibly
>similar experience, it is not an easy accomplishment.
>Kit Ryan
>San Antonio for the next 2 years+9 months

I was awed.  I can handle physical emergencies, but trying to talk sense 
into assho -- bureaurocrats during one is a real challenge.

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