[LMB] Ekaterin and underreacting

Laura Gallagher kelts at earthlink.net
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 11:14:37 -0600

> >after a fairly unpleasant work emergency one of the emoters turned to me 
>commented: "You really are a cold b*tch, aren't you?" whereas my (inward, 
>course) response was "If I hadn't take care of it at the time, YOU surely

Debbie wrote
> Last week a boy at dh's school fell through a window and slashed his 
open.  Blood everywhere and everyone else is running around like chickens
with their heads cut off.  Dh reaches over, crushes the wound and holds it
shut for 15 MINUTES until they got a tourniquet on it.  When he got home
and told me about it I forgave him a lot of under-emoting on the spot.

Oh yes, I know that kind of reaction.  I remember when I was a teenager my 
baby sister managed to get her finger caught in the cover to an A/C filter, 
then pulled it out - darn near sliced off the tip.  I came out of BookFog 
in my room to hear both her and my other sister, who'd been left in charge 
of her, screaming hysterically.  I came out, got them calmed and got her 
holding pressure, then called the restaurant my parents were at.  I found 
out later that I was so calm in requesting they be called to the phone for 
an emergency that the maitre'd apparently didn't believe it was really an 
emergency, and took his time getting them.

I hope Ekaterin didn't have any of THAT reaction in having to deal with 
people while Miles was out of action.