[LMB] Re: OT: Travolta's plane

CatMtn at aol.com CatMtn at aol.com
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 16:06:57 EST

Tim writes:
You could try putting the strip 'around' the mountain and use the boulders
as the outer runway marker.  The only problem I can see is making the turns
at speed (you know, right at the beginning for landing and at the end for
takeoff).  Maybe land from the bottom up and takeoff from the top down.  Of
course, that sideways tilt would probably be a little distraction to the
flight crew...  I think it would definitely be best for fighters with their
narrower wingspan. [GRIN]

M replies:

Our airplane was a Meyers.  I don't know if you're familiar with the breed, 
but think of a Mustang built as a 4-passenger plane for civilian use.  The 
wings are stubby, it's overpowered, so fast we had various control towers ask us 
"Hey, Charlie Meyers, are you _sure_ you're a single-engine?"  It also weighs a 
lot for a small plane, and has the glide characteristics of a brick.  It 
needs a _very_ long runway, with no trees at either end.  The side of a rugged 
mountain would _not_ have been a good place for it.  I just found it hysterically 
amusing to watch him climbing around trying to convince himself in a Milesian 
sort of way that there _might be_ a flat place big enough, considering that 
we had to get in a huge track bulldozer to get a flat place big enough for the 
house, and even then the floors of the rooms at the back were around 4 feet 
higher than the rooms at the front (sort of a flow-down-the-mountain split 
level).  And these mountains are the Saura range, and the oldest mountains in the 
world.  They are seriously eroded, with ravines and gullies running up-and-down 
the sides.  The very idea was absurd, but he had to convince himself!