[LMB] Overb*tch Naked People Policy Update OT:

BlueRose stacey at xtra.co.nz
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 10:24:25 +1300

> Listees wrapped securely in polar fleece, wool, down, or any other
> suitable packing material are still very welcome, though if sent as
> surprise gifts they should be shipped with a cel phone, which they
> should be instructed to employ upon arrival so that I may come and
> retrieve them from my porch in a timely manner. 


> Stacey, you're gorgeous, and those are amazing shots!

THankyou!  I have lots more and now I have access to a decent scanner I should get around to posting them.  I would like to have them somewhere there isnt restrictions on whats safe viewing but without membership issues like Renderosity.

> As long as we're sharing... a friend of mine posted a challenge in the
> Ottawa community recently: 
> "I hereby challenge each and every one of you to come up with a
> transgressive sex act, something that feels edgy, something that
> expands your horizons and challenges your assumptions. Then *do* that
> thing, and do it with a sense of discovery and wonder and joy and
> pride, not as if it were a dirty and embarrassing secret to be hidden. "*snip*

Cool idea.  Thats kinda whats behind my nude modelling.  Its hard work but when you see what the phototgrapher/artist does with it, its really special.

I too must get around to getting some professional shots of me in my corsets.  I have 3 now......