[LMB] Re: Nikki

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Fri, 14 Nov 2003 16:56:11 EST

Corinna writes:
Well, I also suspect if you haven't lost your parent at nine-years-old, then
it's hard for me to get you to see what I'm talking about. And, yes, child
reactions ARE different than adult reactions.

M replies:

I didn't lose my father when I was eight, but came very close to it when he 
had a major MI and was not expected to live.  Children were not allowed to 
visit hospitals in those days before polio vaccines, so I didn't get to see him 
for more than three months, and didn't see a lot of my mother, either.  He and I 
had a relationship more like Miles/Aral than Nikki/Tien, and I really missed 
him.  I went to school the next day--I don't remember anybody asking me 
whether I wanted to or not--and pretty much went on with my normal life.  I did try 
to be good and not cause any trouble, which was definitely not life as usual 
for me, as I almost always had some disruptive project or other going (I could 
really relate to Miles and his pals finding the guerilla cache, digging the 
tunnel that collapsed, etc.)  I was worried, but didn't act out about it 
because: somehow it just didn't seem appropriate; I didn't think my dad would have 
approved; and my mother was acting calmly and non-hysterically and I took my 
cues from her.  Perhaps Nikki did the same.