[LMB] Miles, Ekaterin and the Orb / flinch

Debbie lioness at bellsouth.net
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 21:08:02 -0600

>Debbie: >wondered if he talked her into some mild domination/submission.
>Joy: >
>>I cannot for anything possibly imagine Ekaterin as a dominatrix.  Oh, 
>>wait, yes I can.  Oh, wait, I wish I hadn't...
>For Ekaterin, even saying, "I want *this* now, and I want it this way!" is 
>going to be dominating. And I can just *see* Miles grinning, responding, 
>"YES Milady!" and doing so.

*nods*  Exactly.  Face it, bondage would be redundant and I doubt either of 
them would enjoy s&m.

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