[LMB] OT: flinch

K S bobkat98 at shaw.ca
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 10:20:56 -0800

> If _ I _ don't know a person's name, I prefer
> them to save the endearments and the roaming hands for their nearest and
> dearest at home. I'm not part of the merchandise.
> Kevin

Ew, when I worked (ha, doesn't that make me sound fabulously wealthy?), I
was in Lake Louise, but inspite of my incredibly then low self-esteem and
probably having the word 'victim' written across my forehead, the worst I
recieved was hit-ons by old rich guys (no groping) *while* their wives were
present (ew) and an australian who was buying a tshirt and used me as a
visual model for what tee to get his girlfriend.

I think I was saved by all the willing gropeables who inhabit LL.  I know I
lived with a few.  Ew again.

OBlist:  I think Miles is a hugger, deprived of his rightful hugging (done
appropriately, of course) by his 'mutie' appearance.  No wonder he's so

Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me
to death.
--Betty Bender