[LMB] "Vile" - High and Low German, now way OT:

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Mon, 17 Nov 2003 03:35:00 -0500 (EST)

> Uh.... Mark, that was _my_ father....
> BJ
> --- Claudia Muir <camu at bookcase.com> wrote:
>> mamandel at filker.org wrote:
>>  >>--- Claudia Muir <camu at bookcase.com> wrote:
>>  >>My late father, a native of Berlin,
>> [snip]
>> No, no, no!
>> My father is very alive and a Franconian to boot!  :-)
>> Claudia - easily spooked these days...

Oh, confound this system! Claudia and BJ, my apologies; kenahorra (may
there be no Evil Eye on him!).

Claudia asked where I am (when needed-- thank you!). In Philadelphia. With
my family. My wife, thank God, is asleep in the next room instead of 315
miles away, and I am paying the price of insomnia for that eztra piece of
cake at bedtime.

The house in Massachusetts is now no longer ours -- thank God. Not that we
hated it (quite the opposite), but we couldn't have managed two mortgages
for very long. We got an offer four days after putting it on the market,
but for 10k less than we wanted. Our agent said "Take it". Rene said, "No,
we won't, not after four days with at least ten viewings, in the most
beautiful time of year in New England. If they want it, let them bid what
we ask." They did. They were in a real hurry and waived inspection, and
pressed to move the closing up two weeks. It's done.

I'd better get off this list now -- I mean for the night! -- and do the
bit of programming work I meant to when I sat down here.

Off... no, ON topic, kinda. While driving back with Rene from errands
today, I made the Quintarian fivefold sign. I do things like that, to get
a feel of them; NOT the same way my everyday speech includes interjections
in various languages, including French, German, Russian, Japanese,
Esperanto, and Klingon. She admonished me, "Watch yourself! Our ancestors
didn't spend thousands of years on monotheism for nothing!"

-- Mark Mandel