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> Note that we've only rarely seen mention of any warm climate on Barrayar:
when Drou dreams of being on a beach with Kou (and Alys gives them a "little
beach cottage" as a wedding present, and when Alys tells Ivan she wants to
go away with Simon to a beach resort and have sweet drinks with fruit on
toothpicks in them.  There's been no mention that I can recall of military
activities in warmer climes, and therefore no summer-weight uniform.
> Personally, I much preferred the old TW (khaki) Army summer uniform to the
Class B (undress) greens they are wearing now.  That thing looks like a bus
driver's uniform.
> The "pinks and greens" of WWII -- brownish-green tunic and tan pants (the
pants appeared to have a "pinkish" hue when worn with the jacket)  -- were
pretty cool.  But almost every new chief of staff feels he must change the
uniform, just to leave a mark.  Hence the adoption of the beret.
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> Jeannie, of course, had dress pinks, apparently.
> Corrina
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> That's only the "dress" uniform, which is equivalent of a tuxedo.  The US
Army "mess dress," equivalent of tails, is spectacularly gaudy, resembling a
costume in a Sigmund Romberg operetta, and is red and blue with gold piping.
Very similar, I should think, to the Barrayaran, except the Army's has a
waist-length jacket, while the Barrayaran, at least in the cover art, is
regular-length with tails.  Don't know if the Marines have an equivalent.

Marine mess dress when I was in the military, had a red striped down the
outer pants legs seams.  Air Force mess dress was black "blouse" [everyone
else say jacket] and black pants or skirt [female] in winter, white shirt,
black cummerbund, and in summer one or both [can't remember which one was
optionally white of the two pieces] of the winter black pieces were white,
and the cummberbund was silver.  [IIRC, it's been a long time].

There was even a formal uniform, for embassy duty, and that included a