[LMB] Birthday

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 08:01:16 -0600

<The curtain rises. The infernal machine still sits at midstage, but it is 
quiescent, and a sign reading "Out of Order" (in a strange and spiky 
font) hangs from it. The stout fellow comes onstage. This time he is 
dressed in full academic regalia. He turns to the audience at center 

It is said, hyperbolically, by some that All Knowledge Is Contained In 

It is said, with even more exaggeration, by a few that All Knowledge Is 
Contained On The List.

But it is a near-certainty that All Knowledge Is Accessible To today's 
birthday celebrant, Lois Aleta Fundis.

Lois is, in no particular order, a reference librarian, an expat 
Pittsburgher, a current West Virginian, and "the other Lois", and her 
presence on the list (and, no doubt, off it as well) has helped settle 
many a dispute. Thank you, Lois, and may you long continue to grace 
the list!

Amazon reports that the Encyclopedias Barrayanica and Betanica are 
"not yet published", so your birthday present will be slightly delayed. 
Accept our best wishes for the day and the year, in their (temporary) 

<He departs, with a wistful glance at the inert machine.>