[LMB] OT: The Human Heart...Discuss

Amy Sikes matya13 at yahoo.com
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 19:58:34 -0800 (PST)

Okay.  As we know, All Knowledge Is Contained Here.  And you
folks love to discuss all topics far and wide.  So...I told a
friend of mine who's doing this NaNo thing that I'd help him out
by posting the below to the list.  He's hoping to get some
varying ideas on...well, see below.  Thanks in advance!  If
anyone would prefer to send a response off-list, that's cool,
too.  Send it to me at matya13 at yahoo.com


A bit of background first. My NaNo is science fiction.
Cyberpunk, more specifically. One of the accepted technologies
in my world is something I've called Neurotechnology. It
effectively 'fools' the brain into thinking it's reciving
signals from your senses when it's not. For example, if you tap
into the optic nerve and feed the signal for 'blue', then your
brain thinks that your eyes are seeing the color blue,
regardless of what they're actually seeing. That technology is
actually very very nearly with us nowadays - There's been a lot
of studies to help blind people see. Blind people, that is,
who's optic nerve is still fully functional, but who's eyes
themselves are damaged.

Effectively, with a complex enough system, you could do that for
all of the five senses - Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.
It's just a case of figuring out the electrical impulses that
your sense receptors send to your brain, and duplicating them.

Okay, keep in mind that in my slightly futuristic world,
sense-emulating technology is common and mainstream. Cutting
edge technology in this world is something I'm calling

Bioscript does for your emotions what Neuroscript does for your
senses. This is how one of my characters describes it:

"So what's it actually do?"

"Well," the Cowboy took a deep drag on the cigarette, blew the
smoke out slowly between his lips. "Put very simply, bioscript
attempts to do to your emotions what neuroscript does to your

Dominique whistled, a low sound. There was a long pause.
Marshall heard the almost-silent hum of the MagLev monorail go
by overhead.

"Yeah." The Cowboy nodded slowly. "Heavy shit. Neuroscript tells
your head that your eyes can see the matrix. Bioscript tells
your head that your heart is lonely."

Now, the thing is... As an author, this gives me a fantastic
opportunity to make some great social comment about the
prospective impact that a technology like this would have on
society... And I think I'd be very remiss as an author if I
didn't take that opportunity.

So.. I open the topic up for debate for you guys here on the
Tavern. Would this be a good thing? A bad thing? Would people
want to be installed with it? Push a button and be happy, or
sad, or jealous, or lustful, or excited.

Or record emotions - Record yourself when you're happy, play it
back when you're sad, to make yourself happy again.

Record someone else's emotions - Plug actors into bioscript
recording devices. Then, when the characters they're playing
truly are sad, if the actor is good enough, they can feed that
emotion to the audience directly. As a member of the audience,
you could choose to switch PoVs as you watched the movie. Feel
the triumph of the bad guy as he captures the hero. Feel the
terror of the victim in the horror movie.

The possibilities are kinda endless... But, I can only talk
about my own point of view on this. And I'm looking for
discussion about it. Not discussion that will necessarily make
it into the novel verbatim, but that will definitely provide me
with base opinions that differ from my own.