[LMB] Re: Barrayaran climate

Dan Tilque dtilque at nwlink.com
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 02:48:02 -0800

Nicholas Rosen wrote:

>   In "The Mountains
> of Mourning," the damp Miles meets a guard, sweating in
> the heat of "this southern district" (about 200 kilometers
> south of Vorbarr Sultana, if I recall the location of Miles's
> radioactive real estate correctly from _The Warrior's
> Apprentice_.

300 km. Although that's the distance to Vorkosigan Vashnoi, which
is northwest of Vorkosigan Surleau. So call it 350 to 400 km.

But on a global scale, that really isn't very far. I'd say the
difference in altitude and local terrain (e.g. rain shadow
effects) would make for more significant climate differences
(just as in Chalion, as per a recent post I made) than the
difference in latitude.

Dan Tilque