[LMB] OT: Airport Security

Sara A. mabonwy at mindspring.com
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 12:05:44 -0500

>There are degress of subtlety to practical jokes....

At Georgia Tech, it's a tradition to steal one of the T's off of the "Tech 
tower" so that it says "ECH"

It's happened so many times that the administration has installed 
increasingly sophisticated security measures in the tower, and students 
will get expelled if they get caught.  This, naturally, is taken as a 
challenge to come up with increasingly elaborate plans of attack, and 
increasingly elaborate and amusing things to do with the T once it is secured.

The latest attempt I am aware of, a couple of years ago, involved a 
complicated scheme to bypass the motion sensors, rappelling, and then 
sending the T on a road trip from whence pictures were sent back of the T 
in different locations around the country.